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For over 20 years, Interstate Water & Wastewater Specialists has focused on providing repair and consulting services to the wastewater and water treatment industry. We offer a combination of mechanical, electrical and engineering skills, plus hands-on operational and construction experience. No job, from a minor mechanical problem to the complete removal and repair of a clarifier drive or other major process component, is beyond our capability. We also provide complete system upgrade services including design, installation, startup and operator training.

"Interstate Water & Wastewater Specialists is one of the few companies I can call that offers the ability to study a problem, provide alternative solutions and recommendations and then both design and implement the right solution. After start up, they also help with troubleshooting, whether on-site or through remote consultation.

I call Interstate Wastewater because I know they can provide the right solution that can be delivered both on-time and under budget. I've worked with them for over 15 years and they have consistently provided me with the highest quality work and respectful dialogue that ensure the client is well served and that the project will succeed.

Whether your project needs to be presented to a CEO, approved by a town board or explained to a plant operator, Interstate Wastewater has the ability to communicate the relevant information in a way that any audience can respond to. They may not always tell me the answer I want to hear, but they always give me the answer I need and the best way to make the right decision. I can't say enough good things about them."

- Brendan O'Regan, Director of Public Services for the City of Newburyport
Newburyport WWTF

Our Company

With the extensive experience of our founder, Robert M. Chervincky P.E., who is both a systems designer and a practiced process engineer with construction capabilities, we offer workable and less expensive solutions to critical problems associated with water and wastewater treatment.

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Latest Projects

Some of the recent projects that Interstate Water & Wastewater Services has completed include:

August 2008
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September 2008
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Our Services

Whether you need a system design, construction, repair services, consulting or a pilot plant, Interstate Water & Wastewater Specialists can help. Our wide ranging array of experience as constructors, engineers and operators of many kinds of facilities and systems makes us uniquely qualified to both assess and find solutions for your particular needs.

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