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IWW offers full contracting services for private and municipal projects.  We perform a large variety of services in house, and we rely on our valuable team of subcontractors.

IWW has completed projects as the general contractor in excess of 2.5 million dollars.  Our focus as a service company is on electro-mechanical services.   When larger projects require getting other trades involved, we have a reliable team of subcontractors that we can count on to get the job done.  This allows us to do what we do well, manage the other trades, and give the client the best possible outcome.


As capable as IWW is as a general contractor, there are plenty of projects that are simply beyond our means in terms of project size.   For larger projects, we are fully qualified to subcontract to larger companies to perform mechanical trades.  We are happy to provide quotes to general contractors when they need our services.

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