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Southport Condo Association WWTF 
Mashapee, Massachusetts

Complete rehab of the entire facility.  (3) RBC's were removed through the roof so the tanks could be sand blasted and painted.  Clarifiers were gutted, abrasive blasted and painted.   New stainless steel clarifier mechanisms were installed.   Replaced sand filter media and nozzles.   Installed a new headworks screen and pump station.  Repaving of the area and landscaping.

Pump Station  
Hudson, New Hampshire

Removal of (2) existing Alice Charmer dry pit pumps.  Replaced with (2) Gorman Rupp pumps.  New piping and valves.  Bypassing of pump station while work was performed.

Peabody, Massachusetts

IWW was selected by Connolly Brothers construction to erect a new 90' Evoqua Clarifier mechanism & install new weirs and baffles.

Charles River Pollution Control District 
Medway, Massachusetts

Rehab of (4) 90' diameter clarifiers.  Units were taken off line.  Each drive was rebuilt with new bearings & seals.   The clarifier structural components were sand blasted and painted.

Indian Brook Condominium Association  
Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Design and install of new stainless steel denitrification filter, new clarifier mechanism.  Temporary removal of RBC from building.  Sandblasting and painting of equipment.

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